My name is Gregg Miele.

I’m a personal trainer, journeyman, realist.

I come from a family of teachers.

I have been knee deep in the fitness industry since 1997.

I feel that I have done a good share of passing on some quality information so far in my career but I still feel there is so much more out there that I can do.

, I started this site.

My desired result here at selfdiscipline.com is to raise a new level of consciousness in the world.

I use the Self-discipline logos, products and quotes as a form of positive propaganda.

Tools to help battle your training, eating, fiscal, mental & emotional habits.

Self-discipline does not come easy, it's never free and cannot be bought.

It comes from within:

though heart & heart ache,

through hustle & endurance,

through hard work and sacrifice,

through control and focus.

It's staying as strong as possible for as long as possible to overcoming any obstacles, addictions and/or adversities that stand in your way.

I’m proud to be providing you with a great complement to any training, diet, or rehabilitative program.

I’d love to hear back from you about the Self-Discipline™ products.

Please send us feedback, pictures, and your stories about how you incorporate Self-Discipline™ into your life.

Stay Strong,

Gregg Miele



"One of the industry’s secret weapons in “overhauling” campaigns is Gregg Miele, an A-list New York City personal trainer flown in to L.A to whip artists, actors and athletes into shape. He’s upbeat and optimistic, offering a steady dose of goals and encouragement during the workout. He’s given, along with all his other high-profile clients, his trademark black wristband with “self-discipline” printed in simple white type. Looking at it can provide motivation for healthy living, he says. “It’s a reminder for the other 23 hours I’m not with them to make healthy, conscious decisions throughout their day — a constant reminder that food does not just jump into your mouth!” Miele makes such axioms a signature of his program. They are designed to goad his clients into the best shape of their lives, including one on his web site declaring:

“The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do."  – WebMD