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gregg miele

Gregg Miele

He has been in the trenches of the fitness industry fine tuning mind & body programming for the past 25 years. He has had the pleasure of working with an amazing, diverse group of individuals from all walks of life; from youth to professional athletes actors to contractors pre to post natal inspirations and working class hero's to the wolfs of wall street.

Personal trainers
have limited
time to
promote lasting change in clients

[ S ]

So, i began to shift
the focus to the clients other 23 hours outside of the gym optimizing their daily routines & rituals i began by giving
out a simple rubber
band self-discipline
on it.

[ D ]

A simple reminder to
stay on track and to
think twice a 'second
thought', a space before
any temptation or
actions and if they
should ever have a set
back moment to just
'snap the band' and keep
it moving

[ The self-discipline sequence    ]

A habit
building sequence
to upgrade
daily rituals

[ S ]

It is centered on
the belief that in order to
reach a higher level of
consciousness from which to
begin a new habit or break an
old one

[ D ]

You must first clear the
body, mind and
environment of external
clutter and noise.

Between stimulus &
response, there
is a space.

[ S ]

That space is our power to choose our response

[ Viktor Frankl]